Landmark Search and Landmark Navigation
When you think of where a business is, do you think of the street address? Do you think of the closest intersection? Or, do you think of a known landmark? Chances are you think of a landmark, which could be a well-known brand such as Starbucks or an anchor store in a suburban strip-mall or a major grocery store such as a Fred Meyer or Safeway. Wouldn't it be convenient if there was a service that allowed you to find your landmark and immediately see what merchants are in proximity? With SideStreet's Search and Landmarking capabilities, you no longer have to wonder. Visit the search page to see more.

Hey SideStreet, What's A GMD?
This new content, called graphical mapping directories (GMD), is delivered as a searchable and interactive portal to a marketplace, a neighborhood, a district or a metropolitan area. The benefits are not only for the consumer, but for property managers, merchants, real estate professionals (both commercial and residential) and content providers. A more complete statement of benefits by audience is available by viewing the SideStreet Benefits Statement (106 kb PDF).

For the Consumer: Find what you didn't know existed...
SideStreet delivers familiarity and comfort associated with brands, businesses, landmarks and marketplaces. The SideStreet service also allows the discovery of new merchants and services by allowing consumers to explore, to enable Peripheral Shopping and a more sophisticated consumer. SideStreet is designed around the way people think - visually and with an open mind to exploration and discovery.

For the Merchant: Found and not Lost
Merchants are now a part of a search result not only when their service is searched for, but when any surrounding service is searched for. It's really that simple. If someone searches for the store to your left, they also find you. If someone searches for the store to your right, they still find you. If someone searches for another service within that marketplace... guess what? They find you.

For the Property Owner and Manager: Market your most valuable commodity
What is the tangible asset and investment for the property owner? It's the property itself, and the portfolio of merchants, brands, products and services that create a unique marketplace for a specific locale. SideStreet gives local traffic and neighborhoods an instant portal into the full assortment at their disposal. Do you think that's valuable?

If you are a brand owner, why let the World Wide Web serve as an obstacle to your target audience? Go to any major search engine or mapping company and find your brand...

Below are a couple of snapshots of the power of branded maps. They can either drive the ubiquitous brand (i.e. Starbucks) or drive the unique brand identity (i.e. Pearl District Walking Map).

Streets of Tanasbourne

Pearl District Walking Map

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